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Michael A. Shoemaker, Brendt Wohlberg, Richard Linares, David M. Palmer, Alexei Klimenko, David Thompson and Josef Koller, "Application of Optical Tracking and Orbit Estimation to Satellite Orbit Tomography", in AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, (Santa Fe, NM, USA), Jan 2014


Satellite orbit tomography is a newly developed method for addressing the Dynamic Calibration of the Atmosphere (DCA). The focus of this paper is a side-by-side comparison with other DCA methods that use the raw tracking measurements and solve simultaneously for the orbit state and parameterized density correction. The main contribution of this work is to test the notion that, in general, an estimator benefits from using raw measurements to solve for the state, in contrast with an estimator that uses intermediate estimated quantities in place of the raw measurements.

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