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Qiuchen Zhai, Gregery T. Buzzard, Kevin M. Mertes, Brendt Wohlberg and Charles A. Bouman, "Projected Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium (PMACE) for Distributed Reconstruction with Application to Ptychography", IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, vol. 9, doi:10.1109/TCI.2023.3328288, pp. 1058--1070, Oct 2023


Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium (MACE) formulates an inverse imaging problem as a balance among multiple update agents such as data-fitting terms and denoisers. However, each such agent operates on a separate copy of the full image, leading to redundant memory use and slow convergence when each agent affects only a small subset of the full image.

In this paper, we extend MACE to Projected Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium (PMACE), in which each agent updates only a projected component of the full image, thus greatly reducing memory use for some applications. We describe PMACE in terms of an equilibrium problem and an equivalent fixed point problem and show that in most cases the PMACE equilibrium is not the solution of an optimization problem.

To demonstrate the value of PMACE, we apply it to the problem of ptychography, in which a sample is reconstructed from the diffraction patterns resulting from coherent X-ray illumination at multiple overlapping spots. In our PMACE formulation, each spot corresponds to a separate data-fitting agent, with the final solution found as an equilibrium among all the agents. Our results demonstrate that the PMACE reconstruction algorithm generates more accurate reconstructions at a lower computational cost than existing ptychography algorithms when the spots are sparsely sampled.

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