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Jiaming Liu, Yu Sun, Weijie Gan, Xiaojian Xu, Brendt Wohlberg and Ulugbek S. Kamilov, "SGD-Net: Efficient Model-Based Deep Learning with Theoretical Guarantees", IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, vol. 7, doi:10.1109/TCI.2021.3085534, pp. 598--610, Jun 2021


Deep unfolding networks have recently gained popularity in the context of solving imaging inverse problems. However, the computational and memory complexity of data-consistency layers within traditional deep unfolding networks scales with the number of measurements, limiting their applicability to large-scale imaging inverse problems. We propose SGD-Net as a new methodology for improving the efficiency of deep unfolding through stochastic approximations of the data-consistency layers. Our theoretical analysis shows that SGD-Net can be trained to approximate batch deep unfolding networks to an arbitrary precision. Our numerical results on intensity diffraction tomography and sparse-view computed tomography show that SGD-Net can match the performance of the batch network at a fraction of training and testing complexity.

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