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Thilo Balke, Alexander M. Long, Sven C. Vogel, Brendt Wohlberg and Charles A. Bouman, "TRINIDI: Time-of-Flight Resonance Imaging with Neutrons for Isotopic Density Inference, Mar 2023, doi:10.48550/arXiv.2302.12577


Accurate reconstruction of 2D and 3D isotope densities is a desired capability with great potential impact in applications such as evaluation and development of next-generation nuclear fuels. Neutron time-of-flight (TOF) resonance imaging offers a potential approach by exploiting the characteristic neutron adsorption spectra of each isotope. However, it is a major challenge to compute quantitatively accurate images due to a variety of confounding effects such as severe Poisson noise, background scatter, beam non-uniformity, absorption non-linearity, and extended source pulse duration. We present the TRINIDI algorithm which is based on a two-step process in which we first estimate the neutron flux and background counts, and then reconstruct the areal densities of each isotope and pixel. Both components are based on the inversion of a forward model that accounts for the highly non-linear absorption, energy-dependent emission profile, and Poisson noise, while also modeling the substantial spatio-temporal variation of the background and flux. To do this, we formulate the non-linear inverse problem as two optimization problems that are solved in sequence. We demonstrate on both synthetic and measured data that TRINIDI can reconstruct quantitatively accurate 2D views of isotopic areal density that can then be reconstructed into quantitatively accurate 3D volumes of isotopic volumetric density.

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